A Rose Forever Christmas Gift Guide

Looking for the best present to give out this Christmas? You can find the best Christmas ideas here at Rose Forever New York. Celebrating Christmas is a fun, memorable occasion that’s usually spent with friends and family, and is full of fun gift-giving.

Think about who you are buying the gift, if it is for your mom, sister or just a friend, do not worry, we have great ideas for all of them. Roses are and will always be a classic gift for a special someone, and preserved roses are even better because they can last longer and look more elegant. We have selected a few of the best ideas for this season, and you can find them in every shape and size at any price. 


A bouquet of roses in a White Marble box


Marble white roses can be a simple addition to your kitchen, dinner table, or any room in your house. Not only are the roses in the marble box a unique choice for your home, but they are also a fitting gift for someone who likes minimalism and wants a simple essential product in their home. Royal Blue, Red, and Pink are just some of the colors that you can find the Marble Collection in, the Royal Blue being the most vibrant out of the 6.


A place for her jewelry - The Crystal Collection



The Crystal Collection from Rose Forever New York, made out of an acrylic box with a transparent top and a drawer at the base, is unique, transforming any space into a dreamy fairytale. Because of the softness of the roses and the pastel selection of colors, the Crystal bouquets are a perfect gift for anyone, especially for a girly girl that likes pink and flowers.


Classic, elegant and timeless. Roses in a Black Velvet box


Placed in a square or round velvet box with a matching top, the black velvet roses have a large variety of colors, from white to black, from silver to gold they are in yellow, blue, pink, classic red, and more. The Black Velvet roses in red are just the perfect touch for this season, matching easily with the Christmas decor and lasting until the next Christmas or more.


We believe flowers are the symbol of love and serenity. They can make a Christmas more peaceful but jolly at the same time.