All You Need To Know About Ecuadorian Roses


Ecuador's climate and elevation have created the right environment for roses to flourish. The region of Pichincha is the main growing region for roses in Ecuador. As the roses grow higher in elevation and cooler in temperature, they take longer to develop. This allows the rose plants to develop long stems that can't be replicated anywhere else in the world. Ecuadorian roses last a long time in a vase than regular ones. These flowers are stronger and the stem thicker thanks to the extended development and growth times from the higher elevation and cooler temperatures.           

color preserved roses

It is estimated that over 500 different types of roses are grown in Ecuador, in nearly every color you can imagine. In addition to white, red, pink, yellow, green, lavender, purple, and orange roses, there are many shades of natural roses. Bi-colored roses grow extremely well in Ecuador due to the colder temperatures at night which allow for changing tones along the outer edges and inner half of the petals.

These are the perfect rose arrangements to give as a gift for someone unable to travel that much. If your loved one wants something from outside their country that is fresh and long-lasting, a bouquet of roses from Ecuador in red, lilac, or bright fuchsia can teleport you to another place and last you for more than a year. We try our best to make Rose Forever preserved roses long-lasting, using natural oils that help them look vibrant in color. We think that our Rose Forever preserved roses are the right acquisition for a gift because they're fresh and vegan, and they need no maintenance.

Because Ecuador is famous for having the finest quality roses, we decided to add our own special touch to make them look better and last longer. You can buy some for yourself or a loved one as a gift on our website in your favorite shape and size box.