Back to school teacher gift guide

It's already back-to-school season. Starting a new school year is an important time at any age. Send your teacher your support with back-to-school gifts like floral arrangements, sweets, or coffee.

A DIY flower notebook

We all know that teachers like to write, or at least most of them, so a notebook is a must. To start DIY-ing the notebook first, go out on a sunny day and try to collect the best flowers you see, making sure they are dry and not wet from the rain. You can then place the flowers face down in a heavy book, close it, and leave it undisturbed for 5-10 days. After you take them out, you can glue them on the front of the cover and, you can always add your favorite quote in the center.

That's it! It's pretty simple and, your teacher will appreciate all the time and work you put into making it.

Coffee, chocolate, and joy.
Early mornings always need a cup of coffee in a chic personalized mug. You can find different types of mugs with quotes, patterns, or just a simple design and pair them with a good ground coffee. Put them all in a small basket or a gift bag, adding some chocolate and a nice note. Everybody loves coffee, and that's why this is the perfect gift and will keep your teacher awake and energized.

Flowers for good luck

We can all agree that we could use a little more luck this year. Roses are believed to attract healing and good luck, so your teacher will have a peaceful and joyful year. To make sure you will have luck the whole year, you can get preserved roses that will last until the end of your school year. Some of the best choices are the Black Velvet collection or the Crystal collection from Rose Forever New York. They are long-lasting, and they smell amazing. As a bonus, the Crystal collection has a small drawer where you can store stationery and small school supplies.

A good book and a glass of wine
Everyone enjoys a good book and a glass of wine from time to time. There's plenty of options for books, you just need to find the right genre. Don't rely on the subject that the teacher teaches you, buy a book by their favorite author, or just something that you recommend to them. If they teach history, that doesn't mean that they won't enjoy a Fantasy book.

As for the wine, the safest option would be a bottle of Chardonnay or Cabernet. Wine glasses can also be a great option, for someone who recently moved into a new home.

Nothing could help ease someone back into the routine of homework and teaching better than a gift to start the school year right. From floral arrangements to small DIY gifts, there's something in here that will suit any budget.