5 Best gifts for your Girlboss Best Friend

We all have that best friend who works too much and likes to pursue her own ambitions, but we never know what to get her as a gift on her birthday. It always seems like nothing is enough and she always deserves better. Don't worry, we have the perfect gift guide for your bff to show her how special she is.

flowers Rose Forever New York

Flowers are eternal and will forever be the most thoughtful gift, especially for someone who doesn't have time to buy them for themselves. Where does a Girlboss spends most of her time usually? In her office, at a desk that definitely needs a bouquet of fresh flowers in her favorite color. And, if they can also last for a year then that's the perfect match.

You can find fresh long lasting roses from Rose Forever New York in a black velvet collection box and she will definitely be mesmerized by their smell and beauty. The Black Velvet collection is one of the most elegant and polished collections, matching every home style and being very versatile, it can also be found in a big diversity of colors, even in black.

Vintage, rare, that she could wear

What can you get someone that has already everything and can afford anything? Well, something that it's hard to find of course, like a vintage jacket or a vintage band tee with her favorite band. Make sure you pay attention to what she wears and you can find something similar at a drift store or a vintage shop.

You can find rare and vintage high end brands for a good price and even nice decorations for her home.


Treat your best friend with something that reminds her of your friendship. A photo album with your best memories, a painting or a video collage with her favorite songs in the background. Nothing's better than a relaxing day off from work, spending it with your friends and taking a walk down memory lane.

Tickets to her favorite artist

Even if it's a concert, an art show or her favorite museum, you can get her tickets and plan a nice fun day out together. She will definitely enjoy spending time with you in a creative space and you can add one more memory into your album

Perfume roses

We are sure that your Girlboss best friend already has a few perfumes in her collection, but the difference is that she doesn't have one from you. Sometimes, people are associating different smells with different memories or with their loved ones. So, buying her a perfume will make the moment special and she will always be reminded of you or that magic time together.

If you're not that sure of what she likes, a safe buy will be a flower fresh scent that contains white rose, musk and lemon. While the pink and red roses have a classic rose smell, the white ones often smell of violets, nasturtium, and lemon, which makes them a little special. So, If she doesn't like perfumes, you can always buy her a bouquet of fresh long-lasting white preserved roses that need no care and will look wonderful in her office.

These are the top 5 best gifts for a business woman who is confident to pursue her dreams and career, aka your best friend Girlboss.