Cottage-core Inspired Roses

Cottage-core is an aesthetic and fashion style inspired by romanticized rural and farm lifestyles interpretations. Like nostalgic vintage peasant garments, rustic handcrafted arts, and artisanal designs in fashion and home decor. 

Ro, also as known as @cottondolly on Instagram, is an influencer that creates pink cottage-core and shabby-chic-inspired content. She loves our Intense Pink Suede Pearl Pink bouquet because it perfectly matches her floral pink aesthetic.

"All flowers all so delicate and lovely, but my favorite would have to be roses. These lovely roses are freshly preserved, which is so cool! They last for an entire year and smell heavenly." - says Ro.

Because of the Pink Soft Velvet box and the pastel selection of roses on top, our Pink Suede bouquet is one of the most romantic arrangements. Suede, in general, is a remarkably durable fabric. It has a smooth appearance and a delicate touch.

pink suede bouquet

This Pink Suede bouquet of preserved roses can last you a year and is the sweetest and most elegant choice for a girly girl who loves pink, nature, and flowers. These roses match perfectly with the cottage-core style because of the bright pastel colors and delicate feel.

We get inspired by everything we see around us and we like to explore multiple styles, ideas from the internet to create our rose arrangements. The roses in our boxes are fresh and naturally grown. Therefore they will be delicate and easy to take care of.

Find more pictures on Instagram @roseforever_ny, and let us know which is your favorite.