Crush of The Month

Natalie Atick-Nunez is a Fashion, Beauty, and Fitness influencer from Florida. She fell in love with our roses last summer, and since then, she has been a wonderful supporter of our brand. Natalie's Instagram profile consists of styling and reviewing amazing brands, one of them being Rose Forever New York.


"These preserved flowers also smell amazing and love when I pass by and get that hint of their beautiful scent. They should last for a year, but I feel like they last even longer in my experience. Such an amazing gift to give someone you love!" -says, Natalie

We try our best to make Rose Forever preserved roses long-lasting, using natural oils that help them look fresh and rich in color. We believe that preserved roses are the best investment because they're fresh, vegan, and they need no care. A bouquet of preserved roses can be found in more colors than the usual natural rose, like besides white, red, and pink, preserved roses can be also seen in black, blue, lavender, gold, or silver.


Natalie says: "These roses seriously last forever, and I can say that I have a few around my house, and they are still as gorgeous as the first day I got them. "

We love her content and how she inspires us to create more and more every day.