Fall Roses and the Meaning of Their Colors

The fall season is marked by warm-toned colors and dark ones, like red, yellow, and orange. Black and grey are also autumn colors, even though they don't necessarily fall into the warm tone category. Whether you are looking for a preserved bouquet of roses for your home or simply as a gift this fall, let's take a look at the options we have for you.

box preserved roses

Whenever we think of roses, we can safely say that red will always be the star. Often associated with love, romance, and elegance, red roses are one of the most popular colors. Those with a bright, rich, and red pigment, placed in a black velvet box, last longer and look more stylish and luxurious. Take inspiration from the warm-colored trees and order a black velvet bouquet of roses that will last you until next year.

A popular color choice for fall weddings and autumn celebrations like Halloween and Thanksgiving is orange roses. Also, they are an excellent choice for raising the energy level in a room or brightening a dull day. Known as a color of energy, passion, life, and excitement, orange represents life and energy. A box full of preserved orange roses is an immediate mood lifter. What is the best time to send orange roses? When you want to express passion and intense desire, send a bouquet of fiery orange roses. If you find that special someone that you love, let a bouquet of bright orange roses say it for you. Let flowers express the passion and excitement you feel about your relationship. 

 Choosing grey and black roses is very important, since they are quite rare. Black roses are not only a rare flower, but they are also one of the most popular colors, alongside red, white, and pink. Black roses are also used as a symbol of death and mourning. This view is taken from the tarot death card. On this card is a white rose that represents new beginnings after death in order to see the positive side of a grim situation. So, gather your tarot cards and a box of black roses to find out what this fall has in store for you.