How to Care for Your Roses in Spring

Spring is here, and the most important thing to us is selling the highest-quality preserved products that would last you until the next year. Our Rose Forever preserved roses are an investment to be enjoyed for years to come, that's why we wanted to create a bouquet of natural rose arrangements or rose gift boxes that need a minimum of care, so you can cherish them for many years.

The roses in our boxes are real and naturally grown, therefore they will be delicate and easy to take care of at the same time.

What Are Preserved Roses?

Preserved Roses are 100% real roses that have undergone a preservation process to maintain their natural beauty and freshness without the need for water or sunlight.

Our luxury Rose Forever arrangements are real, fresh-cut natural roses that have been delicately cultivated and taken care of before we use natural oils to keep them long-lasting. Because of that our Preserved Roses can maintain their natural beauty, radiance, and feel for at least a year.

How do I take care of my box of preserved roses?

Here's what to do in order to best maintain these forever roses:

  • Make sure you are very gentle and careful when you touch the petals, and only do it if it's necessary. The natural oils in our hands can damage the flower and repeated touching will break off pieces of the petals. The best practice is to keep touching to a minimum.

  • Never water the roses. These flowers are no longer alive, so they do not need watering!

  • Try to keep the roses out of direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause the colors of the roses to fade, so it is best to keep your rose gift box away from the sun.

  • To clean your forever roses, only do a light dusting with a soft dusting tool and nothing more. Do not wipe down or spray with cleaning products, because they contain chemicals and will damage the roses.

How Long Do Preserved Roses Last?

We all know that a fresh rose flower has a short lifespan, and after a few days or a week, they tend to wither and die. With preserved roses, you don't need to worry that they will go away in a week. You'll have them looking fresh in your home every day for more than a year. They also smell like fresh roses and can make your home feel warm and scented for a long time. These roses in a box are a great way to lock in a moment in time, like your wedding day, anniversary, or any other special event. 

Do Preserved roses have an expiration date?

There is no expiration date for roses that have been preserved. The Roses' appearance depends on the environmental conditions. The more humid the environment, the shorter its lifespan. If taken care of correctly and stored in the right environment they can sometimes last longer than a year.

In conclusion, Preserved Roses are convenient because there is no need to water, change out vases, or deal with wilted petals that often. No matter the season, they always bring a little elegance and sophistication to your favorite place.