Life in Pastels. From Decor to Fashion to Preserved Roses.

We are set and ready for Spring. This spring, we are looking for color, texture, and freshness. Our favorite colors for this season are warm neutrals and bright pastels, like baby blue, light pink, lilac, and more. Let's see why are pastels coming back this year, not only in fashion but also in home decor. 

pastel box of roses

What are pastel colors? Pastels are colors with a lot of white added, expressing relaxation and liability. A pastel-themed home is friendly, calming, and has a soft vibe. These shades are considered soothing and sometimes even equate with sanity, but of course, pastels are less saturated than primary colors, making them feel bright, soft, and peaceful. These colors are perfect for spring because they work well with neutral colors to create a feeling of earthiness and elegance. When people say “pastel” they sometimes think of a more limited palette of color, like mint green, baby blue, baby pink, and lilac. But the pastel palette is way larger and contains a much bigger color selection like peach, pastel pea, light periwinkle, and much more. Compared to the more saturated colors, pastels have a soft look that is soothing and easier on the eyes. 


A pastel home decor can mean a simple futuristic style or a more cottage-core vibe, but of course, there are many more styles that you can explore with these bright colors. One of the styles that inspire us is the Sweet Lolita, from fashion to decor, this style is characterized by lighter, brighter colors and more whimsical motifs. Lolita's origins are more specifically set in the '90s, being popularized by the Japanese band Malice Mizer's lead guitarist named Mana. Mana is a Japanese musician, songwriter, record producer, and fashion designer who started wearing a self-titled Gothic Lolita get-up comprised of these fashion themes. 


Some of the most popular colors are baby pink, light blue, yellow, and white, but sometimes colors like lilac or ivory can be as important. One of the staple prints and symbols are flowers, usually pink, red, or black roses. 

Because pink is the dominant color when it comes to this style of fashion and decor, we think that one of the best gifts to give to a girly girl is a bouquet of pastel pink preserved roses. 

A bouquet of preserved roses can last you a year and is the sweetest and most elegant choice for a girly girl who loves flowers. With a soft pink suede box and a matching top, a Pink Suede bouquet of preserved roses is one of the most polished and delicate collections. Perfect for someone who wants a pop of color and isn't afraid of a touch of pink in their life. These roses are most known for their girly look and can fit perfectly in the sweet Lolita pastel style, because of the bright pastel colors and soft feel.

Another elegant pastel bouquet can be the Essential Crystal box of roses, which is transparent and has an extra drawer for your favorite jewelry. These bouquets of roses can be found in a large palette of colors like baby blue, light pink, lilac, ivory, and much more on our website, in 3 different sizes, Essential, Passion, and Large. 


Here at Rose Forever, we get inspired by everything we see around us. From colors to art to people's homes and fashion, we like to explore multiple styles and ideas from around the world to create our rose arrangements.