Mother's Day Floral Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is a holiday celebrating motherhood that is presented in various forms throughout the world. Even if dates and celebrations may differ, Mother’s Day traditionally involves gifting moms flowers, cards, and other gifts. 

Without further ado, here are some of the best floral gifts for your mom, to make her feel special and loved.

A bouquet of Red Roses in a Black Velvet Box

A black velvet box with red roses would be the best choice to show your mom appreciation and love, and you can find them in different variety of sizes and shapes. Made out of a velvet box with a matching top, the black velvet collection also has a large variety of colors like pink, blue, black, white, and even gold and silver. Red is the most popular one because it represents love and appreciation. We can promise you that every mom in the world would love to have a bouquet of red roses in their home, especially preserved in an elegant square or round box. 

Roses in a box of jewelry

Two things that are a must in a woman's life are roses and jewelry. When it comes to gifting, people are not only excited and grateful to receive gifts, but they expect something that is meaningful and represents them. If she wears jewelry often and you don't want to risk getting her a piece that she might not like or she already has, you can give her this crystal box of roses with a special drawer where she can store her favorite jewelry pieces. These floral boxes are made in different colors and sizes, the roses on top being preserved and lasting up to 1 year. 

Pretty n Pink 

If she's the type of person who always likes to wear something pink or decorates her home with pink details, the Pink Suede bouquet is a great gift idea. With a smooth pink suede box and a matching top, the Pink Suede Collection of preserved roses is one of the most delicate and girly collections. Perfect for someone who isn't afraid of a little color in their home. 

These are just a few of the gifts that you can spoil your mother on this special day. Preserved flowers are becoming more and more popular, and rightfully so. They look great in your home, are perfect for a gift, and last a year.