Preserved Roses - The Perfect Christmas Gift


We are counting the days until Christmas too, and already preparing the best ideas for gifts to give to our loved ones. Let's make this Christmas season more memorable and get something that would last until the next December. Like a bouquet of fresh preserved roses in a black velvet box or a crystal clear box with a special space to store your jewelry. It's like a Jewelry box but better. 

Preserved roses have a long lifespan, with some lasting more than a year, they usually keep their natural rose smell, and on top of that, they're vegan and allergen-free. So, you don't need to worry that your roses will go away in a week. You'll have them looking fresh anywhere in your home for more than a year.

A long-lasting rose arrangement like intense black velvet red 36 is a great gift to give someone that cares about the environment and has better plans for the planet. Our preserved roses are eco-friendly and easier to store in your home. Because of their Square or Round boxes, they can blend wonderfully in every home, and they need no maintenance, like water or sun. They can live freshly in your home without any care. Just make sure you keep the roses out of direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause the colors of the roses to dim or fade, so it is best to keep your floral arrangement away from the sun. 

A bouquet of preserved roses can be found in more colors than the usual natural rose, like besides white, red, and pink, preserved roses can be also seen in black, blue, lavender, gold, or silver. Unusual colors that can match everyone's home style. Red roses are a must for Christmas, but a bouquet of royal blue or pure white preserved roses can also definitely make a statement in someone's home. You can get inspired by the smell of apples and oranges and select an Intense Black Velvet Orange bouquet that would last a long-time and transform this Christmas into a special moment. 

We all know that flowers are the most versatile decorations, especially roses, which are the most popular ones for this Christmas. You can find a large variety of preserved roses to choose from, from size to shape to colors and textures. Just a simple bouquet of red roses in a square velvet box would do for a perfect Christmas gift this year. Why red roses? You may ask. Well, red roses represent love, passion, and joy, the three keywords for a heavenly and peaceful Christmas. 

Roses are and will always be a classic gift for a special someone, no matter the season. Preserved roses are even better because they can last longer and can make a huge impact on someone's life and home. Let's make this Christmas more memorable and surprise your friends and family with a Rose Forever bouquet of roses.