Preserved Roses in a Marble Box

Preserved roses are a must in this time and age. They help reduce waste and make a wonderful addition to any home. If you just recently decorated your space, or you just want to give someone a luxury gift and don't know what to get, we have you covered. Rose Forever preserved roses in a marble box are the most elegant and wanted product at the moment. Vegan, natural, and fresh, preserved roses keep their beauty for almost a year and can look great in any place in the house, kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Our new marble design bouquet is inspired by the interior decoration in the homes of people around the world, buildings, and monuments. We wanted to create a bouquet of roses that would feel more modern and luxurious but at the same time a good fit for people in today's stylish homes. The roses are arranged in a square box, which could give you more options for the way you position them.

The Marble White Collection

For a brighter look in your home, marble white roses can be a simple addition to your kitchen, marble being one of the most popular designs today in the kitchen interior world. Not only are the roses in the marble box a unique choice for your home, but they are also a great gift for someone who likes minimalism and wants a simple essential product in their house. That's why preserved roses are so amazing because they can blend and match with every room in your house if you select the right color and design. Royal Blue, Red, and Pink are just some of the colors that you can find the Marble Collection in, the Royal Blue being the most vibrant out of the 6.

The Marble Black Collection

For a darker take on the marble, this collection is still as elegant as the white marble but maybe a little more versatile and easier to take care of since black is harder to stain and easier to clean in general. The black marble has a more mature feel and could be perfectly placed in the center of the living room, matching colors like brown, grey, and white, or in a room with red accents. So, if you love black and have a passion for marble, this is the perfect choice for you. Just make sure you get the right rose color for your interior, maybe white could be the safest choice.

We love storming for new ideas and creating new products. That's why our Rose Forever arrangements are made with the best quality roses and preserved with natural oils to keep them pure and fresh all year long. We love prints and textures, we are obsessed with simplicity and elegance, and we think that our roses define that the best. Whether it's black or white, our marble collection can make a statement and help you decide on a perfect gift for a loved one.