Red, Grey, or Black Roses. Here are some of the best colors for this season.

Everyone loves roses but, not everyone knows which colors are the best for each season. Let's see what options we have for this fall season, in terms of preserved roses for your home or simply for a gift. We already know that fall means warm-toned colors and even dark ones, like red, yellow, and orange. We can say that grey and black are also autumn colors, even though they don't necessarily fall in the warm tone category.


Red for a romantic fall

When it comes to a pop of color, we can safely say that red will always be the star of the show. Being one of the most popular colors, red roses are associated with love, romance, and elegance. Our favorites are the ones that have a bright, rich, and red pigment, placed in a Black Velvet Box, which makes them last longer and look more stylish and luxurious. You can get inspired by the red forests in fall and get a Black Velvet bouquet of roses which will last you until the next season.


Yellow for happy days

Yellow is such a happy color that contradicts the theme of the fall season. You can find yellow preserved roses from Rose Forever in a Black Velvet box that makes the roses more elegant, because of the contrast between yellow and black, which gives a luxurious touch. People who choose the color yellow are often the most friendly, expressive, and free-spirited people. Yellow roses are the best ones to create dynamism in your home and show boldness and optimism, which is fitting to have in a melancholic season like this one.


Grey and black ready for a new start

Grey and Black Roses are pretty rare, so you need to be careful to select the right ones. Not only black roses are pretty rare, but they are also one of the most popular colors, besides red, white, and pink. Did you know that black roses are used as a symbol of death and mourning? This view came from the tarot death card. You can see on the death card a white rose that represents new beginnings after death to see the good side of a grim situation and hope for a fresh start. So, get your tarot cards and your favorite black roses and find out what this fall has prepared for you.


Which colors are your favorite? Of course, for the fall season, every color fits if you have a good imagination. Even purple or blue roses are a great choice. You can mix and match different colors and get inspired by the colorful leaves on the ground. Our favorite ones are the black and red roses, because of their versatility to fit every home and because they bring a special romanticism to your life.