Rose Forever Stories

Because everyone's story is important, here at Rose Forever we want to share the story that inspires us the most. Sometimes, people are the biggest inspiration for our product, so let's see what June's story about our brand is. 
June is a content creator behind the Instagram account @projectskin_. She says: "I started my page in August 2017 (wow, time flies!). During my time on social media, I have met so many creative others and seen so many different contents that have sparked my interest." 

When June started her Instagram page, she wanted to share her interests with the skincare community and be a part of it
"The community has been welcoming and inspiring since. I also had the privilege to work with so many amazing brands throughout the years and signed recurring contracts with several brands," says June. "I am so grateful for the opportunities I’ve come across through Instagram. I find inspiration from many aspects of my life and through the people I meet through my page. Ultimately, I try to incorporate parts of my life that make up my identity to reflect onto my feed."
June inspired us so much that we wanted to ask her a few questions about her love for our brand. 
1. What was your first opinion about our brand?
I immediately fell in love with the gorgeous boxes of preserved roses, especially the white roses.
2. Which bouquet is your favorite, and from which collection?
This is a hard question. If I could only choose 1, I think it might be the acrylic boxes, but I love the velvet boxes just as much. The only difference is I love the storage compartment included with the acrylic box from the crystal collection!
3. How was your experience with Rose Forever so far?
Quick and professional responses from the team! And very speedy deliveries.
4. How did you style our bouquet in your home?
I like to alternate bouquets on my vanity— depending on what’s on my table at the time. Right now, I have my gold bouquet placed next to my fragrance corner. 
5. Where do you get your inspiration for creating Instagram content?
I tend to search for key hashtags to specific content and from some of my friends including @glowhappiness-beauty, @theemfiles, @skincarestandard, @iiroshnii, and more! Ultimately, my mood plays a critical role in the content I create. While I’ve been feeling warm and cozy during the winter, I try to lean towards a warmer light while incorporating some neutral/beige tones. I love these shades as my closet is full of neutrals. I also love pink so I’ll throw in some of that onto my feed. However, I do try to incorporate other colors onto my feed because not every product I love always ends up packaged in neutral or pink colors! 

You can find June's love for makeup and skincare on Instagram at @projectskin_. We loved talking to her and learning more about her passion.