Rose Forever x Pink October



It's one of our favorite times of the year, and no, we are not talking about Christmas, even though we are very excited about that too. We are talking about Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A time where people wear pink ribbons to express moral support for survivors and volunteer together to help the progress towards a more just and beautiful future for the breast cancer community.
Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a national campaign that's very diverse and complex, profoundly impacting everyone it touches, from patients to loved ones, doctors to supporters, and more. 
Here is what to do to get involved:

  • Do more research and improve your knowledge about the disease.
  • Always a good idea to volunteer. If you want to save the lives of people close to you and around the world, you can find different websites, where you can start a volunteering program and learn more about how you can help.
  • You can wear something pink. The color pink, especially pink ribbons, represents a powerful symbol of breast cancer awareness and the battle to find a remedy against the disease.
  • Make sure to donate or share organizations like for other people to donate.

Flowers as a symbol

The flower that symbolizes Pink October is the pink carnation. Usually, they are gifted to all breast cancer survivors and those who are going through treatment. The pink carnations are gifted, mostly during special celebrations and ceremonies. If you don't like pink carnations that much, you can always replace them with roses. A charming bouquet of pink roses in a pink suede box can be the perfect option for a gift, and you can find preserved ones that can last a whole year.

Pink Ribbon

The international symbol of breast cancer awareness is the famous pink ribbon. Breast Cancer Awareness Month was launched in 1985 by the American Cancer Society and Imperial Chemical Industries. It was designated first to encourage women to get regular mammograms, which at that time, it wasn't that common. The idea around breast cancer awareness continued in the early 1990s when Evelyn Lauder (of Estée Lauder) established the Breast Cancer Research Foundation that set the pink ribbon as a universal symbol for the disease.
In support of everyone touched by breast cancer, we focused more in this year's campaign on promoting and donating to one of the most trustworthy organizations. Here, at Rose Forever New York, we make products in different shades of pink, textures, and designs inspired by people and nature, and we hope to achieve the support of the entire breast cancer community worldwide. That's why for every pink bouquet sold this month, and the pink suede 36 we will donate to BCRF.ORG.
Together, we are celebrating a better and healthier future and supporting an exceptional cause.