For men, sending flowers to a special girlfriend or admired lady can be stressful. There are countless types of blooms and species to choose from, and choosing the most suitable color combination can be overwhelming. Don't worry! Here's a guide to help you choose the right kind of flowers for someone you love or someone new to you. When you’re ready to send flowers, surprise your girlfriend, or date with delivery from Rose Forever. With our gorgeous Forever roses, you'll be sure to take her breath away and leave a lasting impression. If you're ready to place an order, you can easily customize the roses to suit her taste, so she'll feel especially appreciated. 

To say "I'm sorry"

Nothing says "I'm sorry" better than a bouquet of roses. Of course, some women may not be as quickly swayed by blooms, but an unexpected delivery of stunning roses will blow the flower lover completely away. If you want to rally impress her, buy a preserved bouquet of 36 preserved roses in a black velvet box from Rose Forever, and make sure you attach a sorry note to it. Maybe she will not forgive you in a second, but she will surely remember and appreciate this moment forever. 

spontaneous bouquet

The best feeling in the world is receiving an unexpected bouquet of flowers. Your lovely lady will be delighted with the surprise, and her day will be brightened. Whatever the occasion, a surprise gift will make her feel special and admired, whether it's the first delivery to show your feelings or a celebration of several months of bliss. The thrill of receiving a bouquet of preserved roses will also draw her heart even closer to you. Our Black Velvet collection can be the perfect spontaneous gift, and if the roses are red it's even better. 

There is never a dull moment with flowers

Although some women may claim they do not need flowers to feel affection, a bouquet full of fragrant blossoms will still put a smile on her face. She’ll still feel special and honored that you thought about her and liked her enough to take the time to send flowers. While she might even seem indifferent, deep down she will feel honored by your consideration. If you’re worried about her reaction to a floral arrangement, try sending a smaller Rose Forever delivery the first time you express your feelings for her so she won’t feel overwhelmed by a tremendous gift. Our Essential collection of 9 roses can be the cutest gift for her, and there are plenty of colors to choose from. 

Our roses are hand-crafted and can last for up to a year, so your incredibly thoughtful gift will continue to take her breath away for months. We have a ton of options to choose from as well, so you can pick her favorite color and shape that will impress her forever.