The Best Gift For Thanksgiving: Preserved Roses

Thanksgiving is an important holiday, but not all of us know how to make it even more memorable and special. It's always a pleasure to spend time with friends and family, but it can also be stressful at times. We all know how challenging family meals can be. From time to time, a simple Thanksgiving dinner can turn into a mess. Don't worry, we have an idea that can help you make Thanksgiving more peaceful and memorable. Gifts! The good news is that presents can make everyone feel a bit better and more excited about the upcoming winter months. Let's see why preserved roses are the best gift for Thanksgiving dinner and why.


During the cold season, flowers are not so popular because we all know that they do not last very long. However, preserved flowers can last up to a year and are suitable for storage. A great choice can be roses, as they are one of the most popular flowers in the world. You can get a bouquet of 9, 16, 36, or 49 roses in different colors and shapes. You can even find red, white, and blue roses to match your Thanksgiving or Christmas decorations.

A preserved rose is a real rose that has undergone a preservation process in order to maintain its natural beauty and freshness. This preservation process is without the need for water or sunlight to ensure that they will remain beautiful and fresh for as long as possible. We use only natural oils in our Rose Forever arrangements to make sure they last as long as possible as they are made of real, fresh-cut natural roses that have been gently cultivated and taken care of before they are used. In that way, our preserved roses are able to maintain their natural beauty, radiance, and feel for at least a year after they are preserved.

There is no doubt that this Thanksgiving dinner will be one that you and your family members will never forget, regardless of whether it is a small symbolic gift like a thank you card or a larger and more impactful gift like a preserved bouquet of roses. You can find all of our collections on our website at or on Instagram @roseforever_ny.