The finest floral arrangements for your dream wedding

A wedding can be one of the most special things in life, so you need to make sure that you have the right environment to enjoy it. Flower arrangements are a must, and they need to be selected carefully. That's why we recommend long-lasting flowers that you can keep even after the wedding and be reminded of this moment.

pastel flowers eternal

Pastel colors usually evoke openness and can make a place more peaceful and bright.
The Rose Forever Pink Suede collection, made with natural roses in a creamy pastel pink box, is the perfect choice for the theme and can be placed in the center of the groom and bride's table. The perfect size would be the Intense one with 36 roses or the Passion one with 16 roses. If you want a different shape style box of roses, there are plenty of other collections to choose from in a square or round shape.

Classic, chic and elegant flowers

Most weddings these days are pretty chic and simple. You don't need that much color to enjoy a wedding and to catch other people's eyes. You can get some Rose Forever Essential Black Velvet bouquets in a square shape made with 9 roses in white, black, ivory, or grey, put them on a wall next to each other, mixing the colors and placing them in a way that you can see the roses from the top. That would be the perfect idea for some creative wedding pictures that can look great in your wedding album. You can take them off after a while and give them to your loved ones as a memorable symbolic gift.

Something memorable for your bridesmaids
Even if it's your best friends, your sisters, or just a loved member of the family, your bridesmaids are always there for you, so they deserve the best.

Roses can sometimes be the most elegant choice, especially when they last longer than a week and are preserved with natural oils. Because roses are a symbol of love and fertility, they make the best gift for a bridesmaid, friend, or loved one. That's why the Mini bouquets are the best choice for a small and memorable gift, made with one single soft natural rose. Each rose bouquet can be found in a small diversity of colors like white, ivory, baby blue, pink and red), being one of the smallest and cutest bouquets ever.

We know It's not easy to prepare for your dream wedding. You have to figure out the venue, the flowers, the guest list, the decor, and more. Now you can check one thing on your list, and not stress about the floral arrangement.

You can get inspired by our ideas and recommendations and have the wedding of your dream. Choose roses in a box that lasts for a year so you can always remind yourself of this special day.