The Only Bouquet You Will Need This Spring

Flowers are the most versatile house decorations, especially roses, being some of the most popular flowers for home decor. 

crystal collection rose forever

The Crystal Collection from Rose Forever, made out of an acrylic box with a transparent top and a drawer at the base, is unique, transforming any space into a dreamy fairytale. The roses on top are carefully preserved with natural oils, which helps them last longer, and under them, you can find a drawer that can store your precious accessories or makeup.

PS: You can also hide some of your favorite chocolate in there. No one will know.

Because of the pastel selection of colors, our Crystal bouquets are a perfect gift for any occasion, especially for Spring. Pastel colors usually evoke openness and can make a place more peaceful and bright. So, if you love pastels and roses, this is the perfect bouquet for you. But, we also have some dark colors in this collection, like black, lavender, or royal blue.

Preserved roses represent the symbol of love and serenity, and if they are selected carefully, they can make someone's year more special and memorable. No matter the season, they always bring a little elegance and sophistication to your home. A bouquet of white preserved roses can be an ideal gift for someone that is getting married for example, because white roses are frequently used at weddings. Because they represent purity, they make a perfect gift for marriage. White roses also represent youthfulness, innocence, and devotion. 

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