Sagittarius' energy is honest, fair-minded, positive, enthusiastic, and dedicated. Occasionally, Sagittarius' energy can be argumentative, reckless, flaky, preachy, and clueless. What's amazing about Sagittarius, though, is its love of adventure and honesty. As a result, their relationships are strong because they are loyal to their loved ones.

color bouquet 

The color of Sagittarius is purple, which represents spirituality and knowledge. In purple, one's intellectual faults are pushed towards enlightenment and penance. Purple is also a color associated with prosperity, which encourages the natural luck and positive nature of Sagittarius and motivates it to constantly broaden its horizons. The most suitable Sagittarius flower is the carnation, a beautiful multi-petaled flower that comes in various colors from white to yellow to red. There is a meaning behind each color of carnation, but the flower is generally associated with love and fascination.

handmade bouquet

A Saggitarius also appreciates gifts that come from the heart. Perhaps something handmade or a bouquet of flowers. The best bouquet of flowers is something that is preserved to last more than a week. Our roses are hand-crafted and can last for up to a year, with plenty of options to choose from. Our Essential collection of 9 preserved roses can make a wonderful gift for a Saggitarius for any occasion, and if it's also purple the better. With the right style and color, you can select the right arrangement. This will make a Saggitarius feel incredibly special and leave a lasting impression that they will remember forever.