There are many reasons why sending flowers means so much. If you’re not good at speaking about your feelings, yellow roses can help you express them more easily, since they are often given to loved ones as a way to bring happiness and joy. Due to the yellow rose's radiant pigment, many associates it with the warmth of a sunny day and are said to symbolize friendship and trust.

Instead of finding out a way to tell someone how you feel about them, let a rose arrangement from Rose Forever convey your feelings for you. Our incredible options for color, design, and size will guarantee that you’ll be able to find the perfect preserved rose arrangement for you or your loved one. 

The yellow rose's universal meaning is a strong contrast to the definition of yellow roses in the language of flowers from Victorian times. Back then, yellow rose arrangements were not associated with positive feelings but rather with jealousy, the end of a relationship, or even cheating. Yellow roses are native to western Asia, with big blooms and a bright yellow tint.

It's obvious that yellow roses are meant to be noticed. They get attention in even the most lifeless environments, making them a perfect floral arrangement choice for any space where you don't want the floral decoration to disappear into the background. This creates yellow rose arrangements ideal for celebrating any special person you feel deserves the most love and attention. Our real roses can last up to a year when properly cared for, and they require little to no maintenance or watering. On our website, you can easily choose the rose color and the box shape, shade, texture, and design. Shop our preserved roses today!