Dark, moody colors are perfect for Halloween. Due to our love of black, orange, hints of purple and spooky themes, we chose an elegant floral centerpiece in fall colors. This will elevate our Halloween dinner party look.

collection preserved roses

A collection influenced by the contrast between soft, feminine tones and the classic dark tones reminiscent of October's Halloween celebrations, inspired by the colors from movies and nature, fits perfectly.

It is said that orange and black are the colors most associated with Halloween. Since the early days of Halloween celebrations in the United States, they have been one of the most popular decorations for the annual event. During Halloween, orange symbolizes the changing of the seasons that comes with the arrival of pumpkins. We have two different shapes and three different sizes of our Black Velvet Orange bouquet of preserved roses, and it will last more than a year on your dinner/coffee table. You can still use it when Halloween is over, even after the season is over.

Purple is one of the more surprising Halloween colors because it seems to have appeared out of nowhere. As a color, purple is commonly associated with royalty, wealth, and powerful individuals as a symbol of power and wealth. Lavender and Lilac are the closest colors to this Halloween color, with Lavender being the most suitable choice. Of course, for a more simpler and modern look, black roses and grey are also a must for Halloween. A simple gothic look will transform your home in a modern and elegant space that would impress anyone on Halloween. You can find our collection on our website and see all the shapes and styles that we have available for this special season.

These make the perfect additions to your floral decor to complete your elegant Halloween style! Find more on our Instagram @roseforever_ny.