Top 5 best flowers to gift someone this Spring

Spring is the season when everything comes to life. It's the perfect season to gift flowers to your special one or keep them for yourself. Spring flowers are so special because they usually come in such a large variety of colors, and because of that it's easy to find the ideal ones for your special one. Let's see which are the best 5 bouquets of flowers to gift someone this Spring season. 

Yellow tulips

Like many flowers, various colors of tulips often have their meaning. Yellow tulips represent joy and hope. Tulips are very captivating, romantic flowers that appear only in Spring, and they're known from the Victorian era to bring sunshine in everyone's smile. Tulips are known for their bold colors and stunning shape, and most types are almost flawlessly symmetrical. We believe that tulips are the perfect Spring symbol, when you receive a bouquet of tulips, you know Spring is here. 


These tiny cute flowers represent real love and admiration. When you give someone these short flowers, it symbolizes a promise that you will never forget them and will always keep them in your thoughts. Forget-me-nots are also considered a symbol of loyalty and devotion. Sometimes you don't need a lot to show your love, some people appreciate the small gifts that have more meaning, that's why these adorable flowers are so special and memorable. 


Some of the first flowers we see in springtime are daffodils. They are wonderful indicators that winter is over, and because of this, they represent rebirth and new beginnings. Daffodils bloom around Chinese New Year and represent good fortune, wealth, and a bright future. If the buds bloom exactly on New Year's day, it means that you will have good luck for the whole year. 


Peonies start blooming from late April until early June, but May is when they truly blossom. Peonies make fantastic cut flowers and can last more than a week in a vase. Peonies represent romance, love and are considered to bring good luck, and happy marriage. If you know someone that loves bold flowers and sweet fragrances, peonies are the perfect flower for them. 

Red Roses

It's no secret that roses are one of the most popular gifts in the world. One of the reasons people prefer red roses instead of white or pink is because of the special meaning of the color. The color red represents health, life, and love, and it can also be most commonly associated with heat and passion. We all know that red roses are easy to find every season, not only in Spring, but not so many people know that they start blooming in late May and continue to do so through early fall. The reason why red roses are such amazing gifts is not only because they are strongly scented, but because they're also created in such a large diversity of shades and shapes. 

Let us know which ones are your favorite and if you want to see more floral gift ideas follow us on Instagram @roseforever_ny. Happy Spring!