Top 5 Gifts to Keep to Yourself

Even if it's a Winter Holiday or Birthday, some gifts are just too perfect for you to give away. You can buy something for yourself without feeling guilty because, after all, you deserve it. Here are some of the best gifts to keep to yourself, and yes, most of them are flowers. Who says that you can't buy flowers for yourself? Stop waiting for someone else to buy them for you, and let's see how you can treat yourself with a nice box of flowers.

Buy yourself a bouquet of red roses in a box

The red rose has been one of the most popular flowers for centuries, and they usually symbolize passion and love, being the most classic gift to give someone you love. So, this time, you can be the person you love the most, you can buy a self-love bouquet of red roses in a box that would for sure make you feel special. Preserved roses will last you a year, and you don't have to worry about taking care of them. A black velvet box with red roses looks classy, luxurious, and you can find them in four different sizes, 9, 16, 36, and 49.

flowers small and memorable

We all know that "One rose says more than a dozen" so, the mini bouquets are the best choice for a small and memorable gift for yourself. Made with one single soft natural rose, each rose bouquet can be found in a small diversity of colors like white, ivory, baby blue, pink and red), being one of the smallest and cutest bouquets ever.

A box of jewelry

We all remember that beautiful musical jewelry box our moms had in their bedroom. We were always mesmerized and wished we could have one ourselves when we grew up. Since then, countless other models have appeared, and some of them are not even singing anymore, but they are more practical and personalized than before. This jewelry box from Rose Forever is made out of an acrylic box, with soft, fresh roses on top and a matching lid. The roses on top are carefully preserved with natural oils, which helps them last longer, and under them, you can discover a drawer that can store your precious accessories.

Pastel Preserved Roses

With a soft pink suede box and a matching top, the Pink Suede Collection of preserved roses is one of the most polished and delicate collections. Perfect for someone who wants a pop of color and isn't afraid of a touch of pink in their life. So, if you love pastels and flowers, this is the perfect gift for you.

Something from another place

If you're not able to travel that much, you can get yourself something from outside your country that is fresh and traditional. A bouquet of roses from Ecuador in red, lilac, or bright fuchsia can teleport you to another place and last you for more than a year. Ecuador is famous for having the best quality roses, and now you can buy some for yourself on our website.