What roses to get your girlfriend this fall


Fall is here, and you need something to buy for your girlfriend to show her how much she means to you but, you have a busy schedule and don't have time to spend in a mall or searching for websites online for a gift. Don't worry! We have the perfect selection for your girlfriend that she can keep in her home and enjoy until the next fall season. And yes, we are talking about roses, the most elegant and romantic flower, most specifically preserved roses.

The Crystal box Collection

The Crystal Collection from Rose Forever New York, made out of an acrylic box with a transparent top and a drawer at the base, is unique, transforming any space into a dreamy fairytale. Because of the softness of the roses and the pastel selection of colors, the Crystal bouquets are a perfect gift for anyone, especially for a girly girl that likes pink and flowers.

The Black Velvet Collection

For a woman who knows what she wants, is sure of herself and maybe is a Capricorn. She likes to focus on her carrier and likes luxurious things, so the Black Velvet collection is perfect for her. Made out of a velvet box with a matching top, the black velvet collection has a large variety of colors, from white to black, from silver to gold, they can be found in yellow, blue, pink, classic red and more. This is the most popular and elegant arrangement out of all and perfect for this fall.

The Ecuador Collection

This collection is the perfect choice for a traveler and a free spirit. The Ecuador Collection contains 100% best quality roses from Ecuador in a black cardboard box, giving a luxurious vibe with a touch of history. It's known that the Ecuadorian roses are stronger and richer in color than the usual ones, thanks to the extended development from the higher elevation and cooler temperatures. Not only do they last for weeks on their own, but if they are preserved with special solutions, they can last for a whole year which makes them extra special.

The Pink Suede Collection

All pink everything. With a soft pink suede box and a matching top, the Pink Suede Collection of preserved roses is one of the most polished and delicate collections. Perfect for someone who wants a pop of color and isn't afraid of a touch of pink in their life. These roses are most known for their girly look and can fit perfectly in the cottage core style, because of the bright pastel colors and soft feel.

Roses are and will always be a classic gift for a special someone. Preserved roses are even better because they can last longer and can make a bigger impact on someone's life and home. We've selected a few of the best collections for this fall, and you can find them in every shape and size at any price. Make sure you get the perfect color for your girlfriend and don't forget to let her know in a note how much you love her.